Karla Swartz, LMT
          Certified Medical Massage Practitioner

                 Your Path To Relief

Relaxation/Swedish Massage

 This is a full body massage       dedicated to relaxing     your stressed muscles.

 30 min. $40.00

 60 min. $ 70.00

     Deep Tissue Massage

 This is a full body massage         focusing on releasing the   knots that are deep in the   muscle tissue causing 


 60 min. $ 80.00

 90 min. $ 115.00


 This is a technique where   premium essential oils are   dropped like raindrops along the spine. Then hot moist packs   are applied to help the oils draw   toxins from the body.       

 60 m i n .  $ 80.00

Reflexology Therapy

 More than just a foot rub.   Reflexology is a trigger point   therapy for your feet and   hands that can stimulate the   different organ systems for a   significant sense of   well being along with   organic essential oils that   enhance the experience. 

 30 min. $ 45.00

 60 min. $ 70.00